LeadPro247 lead aggregation and distribution software is industry agnostic and serves many lead verticals. Legal Leads generation, aggregation and distribution businesses are part of our large list of leadgen customers. More legal professionals are switching to internet leads generated through inbound marketing agencies leveraging online lead generation strategies and tools such as PPC, SEO and Social Media.

Scales of Justice - Legal symbol - LeadPro247We have recently launched a dedicated website / blog resource to cater to the needs of the Legal Lead Generation industry – both existing customers and prospective clients. The website can be accessed at the link: http://www.LegalLeads247.com.

LeadPro247 lead system can be used to capture, aggregate in a central database, distribute legal leads in real time to lead buyers such as attorneys, lawyers, law firms and prepaid legal service plan distributors and representatives.

Legal Leads that can be processed in the system can belong to any area of law or practice.

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LeadPro247 Lead Aggregation and Distribution System now provides an easy way to look at your lead buyers or client partners on a Google Map. In addition to the existing search filters, a Radial Distance based filter also can be used. For example, all lead buyers located within 50 miles from a specific zip code can be displayed on a Google Map. LeadPro system will also display the search results in a list form using ascending order of distance computed from the given zip code.

Lead clients buyers locations on Google Map

Google Map feature provides an easy representation of the lead buyer location to quickly identify lead buyers / distributors in a specific geographic area. If you are distributing leads based on a geography based filters (such as zip codes, counties, states, etc.), the radial distance based search and the Google Map  features would be very beneficial.

All LeadPro247 customers using the lead aggregation and distribution system edition can use these features and no additional setup or configuration is necessary.



Phone Leads constitute significant volume of leads for many businesses. Customers are comfortable picking up the phone and chatting with a friendly sales person before buying a product or service. Though the buying process begins with an Internet search in most cases, many prospects end up calling the potential vendor or service provider after doing sufficient research online.

LeadPro247 lead tracking and management helps to receive the phone calls from Live Phone Leads and route the calls to available sales representatives. Phone Leads call routing, assignment and tracking is useful for businesses to understand the lead sources and conversion rates.

Phones Leads Tracking feature can be used for your own websites, third party / affiliate sites and even online advertising such Google Adwords PPC campaigns.

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It is a proven fact that leads followed up as soon as they submit their contact information convert best. The sales agents have to be on their toes to quickly grab the leads generated through online sources such as blogs and lead generation sites. LeadPro247 helps convert the web leads to live leads by routing the leads to the available sales agent via phone using Text To Speech conversion and connecting the consumer (prospect /lead) quickly.

When the sales agents, who are on the road or in the field, start the follow-up process, it is often too late. Connecting the agent with overview information of the lead and the prospect within minutes increases the chances of engagement and conversion significantly.

LeadPro247 TTS Lead Distribution can be used by Real Estate agents / Realtors, Insurance agents and field sales personnel (such as contractors, re-modelers and installers) with great benefits.

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