Advanced Features in Lead Data Import Process

by Paddu on April 5, 2010

Lead data can be imported from external sources into the LeadPro 24|7 sales lead tracking and management system using the Lead Data Import process. Whether you are buying leads or generating leads from off-line sources, the import feature can be leveraged to load the leads into the lead system.

Advanced Features

The lead import process is a critical process and hence precautions are to be taken while importing the leads. The following are some of the useful features:

  • Validation of data in certain columns
  • Validation of Required values (i.e. mandatory columns)
  • Duplicate data within the input data file
  • Duplicate data when compared with the data in the lead database system
  • Inputting data as codes (IDs) or values

LeadPro 24|7 system helps to manage all these issues while importing leads.

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