Alerting Lead Buyers when the Order is Fulfilled and Leads Delivered

by Paddu on May 8, 2010

Alerting lead buyers in real time when their order is fulfilled help them to place the order for their next lot of leads. The buyers will appreciate that you are keeping a tag on their lead deliveries and proactively engaging them to go for more leads. If you are an internet / online lead generation business using the Lead Distribution and Delivery Management version of LeadPro 24|7, you can leverage this email alert feature.

Alert to lead Distributor

In a similar fashion, the system can also alert you via an email when an lead order is fulfilled. You or your sales person may use this as an opportunity to engage the client by giving a call or sending a personal email and requesting a repeat order.

Alert Email Custom Formatting

The lead distribution system provides a default format for the alert emails to the distributor as well as the lead buyer. You can customize the email content / format for each buyer. Personalization tags can be included in the alert email message contents.

Enabling Order Completion Alerts

At this point in time, only the support team can enable / disable these lead order fulfillment email alerts. However, you can customize the email template as required. If you are using finite orders in the lead generation and distribution process, you may evaluate using this feature. if your orders are continuous or standing orders, the alert feature will not be required.

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