Capturing Lead Source and Search Keywords from Landing Pages

by Paddu on April 14, 2010

Capturing lead source (affiliates, vendors, publishers, websites) and keywords used in the search engines is critical to analyze the lead quality and sales conversion performance. For lead generation companies and distribution agencies using LeadPro 24|7 as their lead capture, delivery and tracking system, the lead source data would be of significant use.

Lead source and search data capture is entirely dependent on your Landing Pages used to generate leads and sign-up subscribers.

The LeadPro 24|7 backend database supports comprehensive source data collection. The following data fields are available by default:

  • Lead Source Group (required data)
  • Lead Source (required data)
  • Publisher Source
  • Publisher Campaign
  • Publisher ID
  • Source IP
  • Search Keywords (text)

Any additional information can be captured and stored using custom data fields defined in the Lead Journal.

If you are a beginner or using one or two forms on your corporate website, you may not use these advanced features. But these inputs will be of great value for advanced users and lead generation and distribution service providers. For example, leads from a specific source or vendor could be sold a specific lead buyer.

How it is done

It depends on individual preferences as to how the source data capture is implemented. Many organizations use multiple landing pages in order to capture meaningful data (by directing traffic from various sources to specific pages). For example, if you are using four different publisher networks, it is preferred to use four different landing pages. The landing page can be identified as the lead source and the publisher information can be passed on as additional parameters.

Generally, JavaScript code is used to capture the query string parameters on the landing pages. Please contact our support team to get sample JavaScript code for various purposes, if required.

If you are using Google Adwords PPC or Yahoo / Bing paid search marketing techniques to drive web traffic and generate leads, you can pass on the search keywords in the query string to the lead capture page. In the landing page, JavaScript can be used to get the search keywords and related information and the forward it to the LeadPro 24|7 lead database using HTTP posting or API depending on your integration methods / interfaces.

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