Cherry Picking Available As An Option For Lead Distribution in LeadPro247

by Paddu on July 23, 2011

LeadPro247 lead capture and distribution system now provides Cherry Picking as a lead distribution option. Cherry picking is generally used by lead generation companies and lead sellers who sell leads for higher dollar amounts. For example, financial service leads are priced high when compared with insurance leads, debt consolidation leads, vehicle service warranty leads, etc.

Though the LeadPro24|7 system has highly flexible and comprehensive filtering options, some lead sellers expressed their desire to allow their buyers to cherry pick leads from a pool of current / most recent leads. The Cherry Picking module has been added to address these customers’ needs.

When Lead Orders are setup with certain filters and conditions, the system will apply the same before listing the leads for cherry picking by the clients.

Lead buyers can log into the LeadPro24|7 system (when enabled by the sellers) and view the available leads based on the lead order conditions and criteria. The lead information can be displayed to the buyers can be restricted by selecting applicable lead profile parameters. Hence lead sellers have a complete control what is visible to the buyers in the cherry picking process.

For more information and technical details on how to enable the cherry picking process, please email the LeadPro24|7 support team.

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