Choosing Controlled PULL or Recycling Methods to Distribute Leads to the Sales Team

by Paddu on June 14, 2010

Choosing a lead distribution method to assign leads to the sales agents using an automated Lead Management System is some times tricky. When the sales team size is large and meaningful distribution rules (such as geography, lead property, etc.) cannot be applied, you need to decide whether to use a PUSH method or a Controlled PULL method. LeadPro 24|7 supports both lead routing methods.

Depending on the nature of business and the extent of control exercised / responsibility taken by the sales reps, one or the other method had to be selected. The advantages and disadvantaged have to be weighed in and accordingly the lead assignment rules should be configured. Obviously, using a PUSH method with Round Robin distribution rule is the simple process from implementation and technical perspective.

PUSH Method for Lead Distribution

In this process, as the leads are captured by the lead system or input into the system, each lead will be assigned to a sales agent and pushed to her bucket. A Round Robin rule is used in the PUSH method so that the leads will not get distributed to the same agent repeatedly.

The disadvantage of the push method is that the system does not use any intelligence and keeps assigning more leads irrespective of the past lead status or follow-up activities. Leads might get accumulated with some sales reps, if they are still working on other leads.

PUSH Method with Lead Recycling

The system can be configured to recycle the leads if not followed up within a certain period of time. For example, if a lead distributed is not acted upon within 2 hours (during business hours), then the lead will be pulled from that sales agent and recycled to another sales rep.

A control point can be established to determine if the lead has been touched or not. A follow-up task can be associated as a determinant.

The major disadvantage of this PUSH distribution method with Lead Recycling is that the leads might be assigned several times to several sales agent without any specific use.

Controlled PULL Method for Lead Distribution

This is a variation of simple PULL method. In the regular process, each sale rep needs to pull a lead from the general lead queue, whenever she is ready to work on the next lead. However, in practice, the reps may pull the leads and add to their bucket even if they have not acted on the leads pulled already and not taken any followup action.

In the Controlled PULL method, the lead management system will not allow the same sales agent to pull the leads repeatedly without taking any action on the past leads. A follow-up task can be assigned as a determinant for exercising this control. For example, before pulling the next new lead, the rep can be forced to perform “Qualification” or ‘First Call” followup task. In other words, unless a previous lead has been “touched” by the rep, she cannot manually pull the next lead.

Word of Caution

Though the controlled pull method is better than a regular / simple pull method, the system can be manipulated by marking the old leads as “acted upon”.

Similarly, in the PUSH process also, the sales rep can mark the lead as touched so that the lead will not get recycled to another agent.

Hence there is no foolproof way to implement the lead assignment process if someone wants to deliberately misuses the system.

LeadPro 24|7 lead assignment and tracking system can be configured using either of these distribution method for routing the leads to the sales organization. If you are planning to use any of these methods, please get in touch with the technical support team; they will validate the requirements and configure the assignment rules as required.

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