Comprehensive Triggers for Internal Alert Email Notifications in LeadPro 24|7

by Paddu on April 9, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 sales lead management and tracking system includes comprehensive trigger features for sending automatic, instant email notifications to inside sales agents and field sales representatives. These are known as Activity Based Alert Notifications.

The triggers can include Lead Stage or Lead Follow-up Activities. Additionally, Lead Profile Properties (such as Products, Services, Timeline, Lead Type, etc.) can also be included in the trigger filters / conditions.

Here are is an example trigger that could be configured in the lead tracking system:

  • Send a notification when the Lead Stage is set to HOT and Product Requested is XYZ and Lead Type is New Inquiry.

As highlighted above, this alert trigger includes three conditions. Any number of combinations (including AND and OR) can be used to define the email alert trigger criteria.

An alert definition could be setup to trigger an email to a lead coordinator when a New Lead is received in the system. Based on the alert received, the lead coordinator might qualify the lead and assign it to a sales person and expedite the sale follow up process.

Similarly, alerts can be set based on Lead Followup Activities such as Lead Assignment, Lead Re-assignment / Transfer, Emails, Demo Requests and Collateral Requests.

Note that the activity based alerts can be setup for each lead journal providing flexibility to use different rules for different lead types.

The alerts or notifications can be sent to regional managers, sales managers and sales agents based on the lead assignment. The system will automatically pick the email addresses based on assignment. Additional email addresses (such as lead coordinator, business owner and general manager of the business) can also be specified in the alert definition, so that copies of the email messages can be sent to them.

Alert Email Template feature of the LeadPro24 | 7 system can be leveraged to chose and copy the email message layouts used / defined in the system already.

Adding meaningful alerts (based on lead behavior) to the sales team will greatly improve the effectiveness of the sales follow-up and help increase lead conversion rate.

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