Convert Web Leads to Live Leads with LeadPro TTS Lead Routing Engine

by Paddu on July 2, 2012

It is a proven fact that leads followed up as soon as they submit their contact information convert best. The sales agents have to be on their toes to quickly grab the leads generated through online sources such as blogs and lead generation sites. LeadPro247 helps convert the web leads to live leads by routing the leads to the available sales agent via phone using Text To Speech conversion and connecting the consumer (prospect /lead) quickly.

When the sales agents, who are on the road or in the field, start the follow-up process, it is often too late. Connecting the agent with overview information of the lead and the prospect within minutes increases the chances of engagement and conversion significantly.

LeadPro247 TTS Lead Distribution can be used by Real Estate agents / Realtors, Insurance agents and field sales personnel (such as contractors, re-modelers and installers) with great benefits.

The system converts lead information collected from the landing pages / websites to voice (text to speech) and reads out to the agent via mobile phone. When the agent accepts the lead, the system automatically dials the prospect immediately  and connects to the agent. The agent need not dial or read text messages or email communication while driving or waiting in a client location.

If the prospect is available and connected, the agent can speak to the consumer and the system will record the conversation for future reference and follow-up, training and quality control purposes. The agent can also leave a quick voice message if the prospect does not pick up the phone.

When the system dials the agent and the agent is busy with another call or unable to take the call, the lead is passed to the next available agent using a Round Robin process.

Agent queues can be defined based on various factors such availability (time of day / day of the week), product / service specialty, location or office (geography), or any other lead profile parameters.

The recording  of the conversation between the sales agent and the prospect can be played back while adding follow-up notes or sales status updates.

Comprehensive reporting with respect to the call metrics is available for the management as well the sales agents.


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