Engage Prospects with LeadPro24|7 Personalized Drip Email Messages

by Paddu on April 9, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 Lead Management System is integrated with Drip Email Marketing for sending automated, event triggered email messages to the prospects. The drip email campaign messages can be customized and personalized to deliver effective and useful communications which will serve as lead nurturing and follow-up with the prospective customers.

The drip email messages can be crafted in such a way that delivers value to the recipients. For example, when a lead information is received via the lead capture page from your website, the system can send a welcome / introduction message to the prospect’s email address automatically.

Instead of a vague welcome message (with an general phone number), sending a personalized message with sales agent’s phone number will be more meaningful and effective. The personalized email message can not only include the prospect’s name but also complete contact information of your sales representative handling the respective territory.

Remember that that the system can be programmed to assign the sales leads to the respective sales rep based on lead assignment / routing rules. The personalization tag drop down included in the email message definition page (or WYSIWYG HTML editor) can be used to insert the required tag. The system will automatically replace the tags during the email sending process.

Some of the tags that could be used in the email message are:

  • Prospect’s First Name
  • Prospect’s Last Name
  • Sales Agent’s First Name
  • Sales Agent’s Last Name
  • Sales Agent’s Phone Number
  • Sales Agent’s Email Address

The email subject also can be personalized by inserting the personalization data tag. However, all precautions related to email delivery should be taken into account while personalizing the email subject line.

Note that sending drip email messages is not a substitute / replacement for personal follow up through telephone. Drip Email Marketing Automation should always be considered as a complementary lead engagement tool in the lead conversion process.

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