Free Online Survey Software Edition Launched by LeadPro247

by Paddu on August 26, 2010

Online survey module was available as part of LeadPro 24|7 lead distribution and management suite. Now the online survey software has been launched as a standalone tool. The web based survey solution is available in Free, PROfessional and Enterprise versions to suit the needs of various user groups. You may request a free online survey software account now.

The online survey solution can be used by students, individual marketers, research institutions, academics, online media and ad agencies, not-for-profit organizations and businesses of all sizes. Surveys can be designed, questionnaires built and launched online a few minutes. The survey responses can be analyzed and viewed online in Real Time without any delay.

The software includes advanced survey analytics reports such as Survey Response Summary, Cross Tab Analysis and TURF Analysis. Enterprise customers can use the inbuilt Email List Management module to collect and manage Survey Panels and email survey invitations via the system.

Free Survey Software: The free survey edition is not time limited. It can be used for small surveys and respondent groups. There are no restrictions on number of surveys and number of response collector types. Survey responses can be viewed online in real time.

Professional Edition: Professional Edition of the Survey Builder will be useful for small and medium business and marketing organizations. It has advanced survey features such as Page skip logic, Answer piping logic, real time survey analytics, email invitations to survey respondents, and unlimited surveys and response volume among others.

Enterprise Edition: Corporate organizations, large businesses and market research agencies can use the Survey Builder Enterprise Edition. It supports multiple users and multiple roles. Custom configuration services are also available at additional cost.

The Survey Builder software tool can be used for surveys such as:

  • Customer Surveys
  • Employee Feedback Surveys
  • Prospect Engagement Surveys
  • Academic and Educational Research Surveys
  • Supplier Feedback Surveys
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Website Feedback Surveys
  • Online Shopping Experience Surveys
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Event Planning / Feedback Surveys
  • Student Feedback Surveys
  • Non-profit Volunteer / Donor Surveys
  • Enterprise Feedback Surveys
  • Product Research Surveys
  • Incident Response Feedback Surveys

If you are not a LeadPro 24|7 user (for whom the Survey tool is built-in), you may try out the Free Online Surveys Solution and see how simple it is to design, build and deploy online surveys.

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