How To Add a New Lead Buyer In The LeadPro Lead Generation and Distribution System

by Paddu on November 14, 2011

Adding a new Lead Buyer in the LeadPro247 Lead Generation and Distribution system is simple and easy. Once you have the information about your new lead buyer, establishing a buyer profile only takes a minute or so. Lead buyers are also referred as Lead Clients or Advertisers.

Lead Client Buyer Setup

Go to Lead Buyer / Client maintenance module using Leads –> Lead Clients / Buyers menu option after logging into the lead system.  Click on the New Client link displayed at the center of the screen in the Filter Selection area. The screen will open up with a form to fill in the details. The following are the data elements which need to be entered in the profile form:

  • Buyer Organization name and address
  • Primary contact person name and contact information (phone, cell phone, email address)
  • User Id and Password for the primary contact
  • Specify the lead order / delivery types (such as Real Time Delivery and Delayed Delivery)
  • Check the delivery options (Email, Back Office, etc.) as necessary
  • Indicate whether payment will be processed through the LeadPro system
  • Lead Types (indicated in terms of Lead Journals) eligible for this buyer
The lead buyer status will be set to ‘Approved’ by default; you may change the status to ‘Draft’ if the buyer is not ready yet. Once the above details are entered, click Submit button and the system will create a Lead Buyer profile in the system. The list of buyers will be displayed in the screen along with the new client that you just created.
If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to email the support team. Please include complete information about the lead client to be setup in the system.
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