How To Pause And Restart Lead Delivery For Lead Buyer Orders

by Paddu on November 14, 2011

Pausing and Restarting Lead Delivery to orders placed by lead buyers can be achieved by a simple click of a button. Please note that the leads will not get distributed or assigned to the clients if the lead order has been paused. In other words, pausing a lead order is not pausing delivery of leads.

How to Pause and Restart Lead Orders

Here is a brief explanation about stopping or restarting lead delivery.  Navigate to the Lead Orders list and maintenance module in the Leadpro247 system using Leads –> Lead Orders menu option after logging into the system. All current orders (regardless of the order status) in the system will be listed on the screen in reverse chronological order.

Pause Restart Lead Orders

A column labeled as Action is displayed against each order with a green tick or red cross icon, which indicates the status of the respective order.

Clicking on the green icon will pause the order. Clicking on a red icon will restart the respective order. The system will prompt for confirmation when an action icon is clicked.

Please note that the system displays only most recent 25 orders on the page. If you have more orders, you may have to move to other pages or filter the orders using various search filters provided at the top of the page.

If you are using the Mobile App version of the Lead Generation System (Distributor Admin access), you would be able to turn on or turn off the orders using the App. Navigate to the respective order to be stopped or restarted and follow a similar procedure.

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