How To Setup A New Lead Delivery Order For A Lead Buyer

by Paddu on November 16, 2011

Setting up a new order to a lead buyer is a simple process and can be completed in the LeadPro system in a couple of minutes. If the lead buyer profile and account is not setup, it should be done first. For information on setting up a lead buyer account and profile, please check the post on How to setup a new Lead Buyer.

How to Setup a Lead Order

A Lead Order provides the specifications for lead delivery to a lead buyer. While more than one order (for the same lead type) could be setup for a specific buyer, the logic of lead distribution should be understood before keeping more than one order active simultaneously.

Navigate to the order definition and maintenance module using the Leads –> Lead Orders menu option after logging into the system. The system will display the existing lead orders in the system. Click on the New Order button in the search filter area. The system will display a popup window where you can select a lead buyer (aka lead client). Once you select the buyer, an order entry screen will be displayed.

The following properties are to be specified in the order screen.

  • Type of Leads (Exclusive, Shared)
  • Order Type (Fixed lead quantity, Open / standing order with unlimited lead quantity)
  • Lead Delivery Modes (Email, Back Office (sub-account), API) and related parameters
  • Daily Cap (Maximum number of Leads to be delivered per day)
  • Monthly Cap (Maximum number of Leads to be delivered per month)
  • Days of Week and Times of Day for lead delivery (All times are in Easter Time)
  • Lead Filters (such as Geography and other Lead Properties – more than one could be used) – optional
  • Radial Distance based filters, if applicable
  • Price per Lead (could be left as zero)
  • Total Order Quantity (could be left as zero for standing orders)

Once these parameters are selected and Continue button at the bottom of the screen is clicked, the system may provide one or two alerts for confirmation. An order preview page will be displayed after this step, if the payment is not processed through the LeadPro system. Note that the payment parameters are maintained in the buyer profile. If the payment processing is handled in the system, a payment screen will be displayed with a few payment mode options.

Once the order is reviewed and submitted using the Confirm button on the last step of the order process, the system will confirm the order by assigning a unique order number. The system will return to the order list page where the new order can be seen at the top of the screen.

There is a provision to keep the order on hold during the multi-step process. The orders on hold can be edited later and confirmed for lead delivery.

Once the lead order is setup, leads will get distributed to the respective order based on the filters and conditions of lead distribution logic.

The active lead orders can be paused and restarted anytime with a simple click. For details, please see the post on How to Pause and Restart the Lead Delivery Orders.

If the orders are of fixed (or finite) lead quantity, these will be automatically closed by the system once the specified volume of leads are delivered. The lead order status will show up as Closed in the order list page.


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