How to Use Custom Data Fields in LeadPro 24|7 for Defining Lead Profile

by Paddu on April 14, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 Lead Management System supports multiple custom data fields definition to enhance and customize the lead profile depending on the specific needs of the business. Lead Journal Definition module is used to define and maintain the custom fields for storing additional lead properties.

The system includes several predefined data elements in lead journal definition. Basic demographic data and contact information can be stored in these fields. Also, there is a set of data elements for capturing and storing lead source / meta data such as publisher / vendor information, source web site, lead campaign, etc.

Please note that the lead journal, which is used to define the lead profile (or properties), is fully customizable. However caution has to be exercised before turning off the fields already used to collect lead data.

In addition to the basic profile, the system supports 3 groups of additional fields to store custom data:

  • Fixed fields (5 text fields, 5 numeric fields) included in the basic journal definition
  • Static Custom fields (10 fields)
  • Dynamic Custom fields (Unlimited number of fields)

The custom fields could be of the following types:

  • Numeric data
  • Text data
  • List of Values (drop down, radio button, multiple choice list)

For each field type, many parameters are included in the definition to support comprehensive checks.

If you want to use Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer type of question yo be included in the lead journal definition, Dynamic Custom Fields should be used.

Whenever a new custom field is added to the existing lead journal definition, it will affect multiple functions. For example, the lead capture form and the respective landing page may have to be rebuilt to accommodate the new field. If API or email parsing is used, the same needs to be updated. The lead templates and alert templates may have be updated as required.

For this reason, even though you can configure the custom fields, we recommend that you contact our technical support team; they will evaluate the impact and get it done quickly. Remember that the lead journal profile definition is the founding block for the entire lead tracking and management system operations. All system configuration parameters are tied to the lead journal definition!

If you are using LeadPro 24|7 for certain specialized / complex Lead Verticals such as Mortgage leads, Insurance leads (Life, Business, Health / Medical, Annuities, Property / Home) and Real Estate Leads, the system has predefined lead journals with all the required information. Hence there is no need to use custom fields in such cases.

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