How to Use Delayed Lead Delivery after Qualification Process

by Paddu on April 6, 2010

Customers of LeadPro 24|7 Lead Distribution and Delivery Management software system can now leverage the delayed lead delivery process. This process is similar to the real time lead delivery except that the delivery is delayed until a specified qualification action is taken.

How It Works

In real time delivery mode, the leads are delivered to the lead clients immediately after capture based on the lead distribution / routing rules specified in the lead orders. In such cases there will not be a filter for the Lead Stage in the lead orders and the system will distribute all leads received (with default Lead Stage) subject to the distribution rules.

If leads are to be qualified before distribution, then an order filter has to be specified indicating the Lead Stage set in the qualification process. For example, leads may get inserted to the system in NEW LEAD or PROSPECT lead stage and the lead qualification process may change the stage to QUALIFIED. In this case, an order filter Lead Stage = Qualified has to be specified.

Whenever lead stage is set to the specified qualification stage, the LeadPro 24|7 system will pull the lead and push into the distribution process. Depending on the lead orders and criteria, the lead will be routed to one or more lead buyers.

When to Use Delayed Delivery Process

The delayed lead delivery process is generally used when the leads collected (or captured) by the lead system needs to be verified for accuracy and qualified manually before distribution. Lead verification and qualification are the most important steps to provide quality leads to the customers. Qualified leads generally fetch a higher price than unqualified leads. The lead conversion rate will also be much higher.

Lead qualification agents can validate the data for accuracy and mark the leads as qualified.

Some lead generation agencies and businesses go to the extent of calling the prospects (by telephone) and verifying the data submitted via the landing pages to make sure that the lead information provided is accurate.

Qualification agents (or lead coordinators) can be notified by the lead system via real time email alerts. Activity based email alert module in the LeadPro 24|7 system can be used to define and deliver real time lead capture alerts.

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