Integration of Voice Dialer for One Click Dialing to Prospects

by Paddu on September 25, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 system supports integration of VOIP based dialers to enable the sales agents to contact the leads using a click from the lead followup and tracking screen. While any standards based systems can be integrated, LeadPro is tested with currently with Twilio, which is a leading could based communication service provider.

Click To Call

Once the dialer integration is enabled for a LeadPro customer, a dial icon can be seen in the Lead Profile view or Lead Followup Activity Update screen of the Manage Leads module. Clicking on the dial icon link will display the agent’s phone number (based on the agent login) and the prospect’s phone number (fetched from the lead profile). The agent can confirm the numbers displayed or type in different numbers based on the situation and then confirm. The system will first dial the agent’s number and then the prospect’s phone number and a bridge call will be established.

Call Recording and Disposition

When the call is completed, the system will store the call recording for any future reference. Also, the call will be logged in as a lead follow-up activity for the respective prospect. Based on the conversation, the agent can enter the call disposition along with follow up notes.

Call Pricing

Calls placed via the dialer system is based on the number of minutes. Please note that each call to the lead will be taken as two calls, as a call is placed to the agent first and another call to the lead. In other words, if the call duration is 3 minutes, the actual billing will be for 6 minutes.

If the client prefers to have their own Twilio account (which will be used by LeadPro for their account), then a 2 cents per minute fee will be levied by LeadPro. Note that this is in addition to the fees payable to Twilio directly by the customers.

For smaller clients and low call volumes, LeadPro will charge both the Twilio fees (at actual, which is currently 2 cents per minute – one way) and its own process fees (2 cents per minute).

Suitable Use

The integrated single click, direct calling feature can be used by marketing / sales teams of individual small / medium businesses as well as small call centers.

Please note that this feature CANNOT be used as a substitute for full fledged call center software solution. Also predictive dialing and auto dialing features are not available as part of this integration.

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