Landing Pages Integration Options in LeadPro 24|7

by Paddu on April 5, 2010

Landing pages are also known as registration pages, web site forms, lead capture forms and squeeze pages. The objective of a landing page is to capture the profile information from prospects and send it to the lead aggregation, tracking and management systems.

Prior to the popularity and high adoption of lead management software systems, the landing pages will simply collect the lead profile information and email the data to a specified email address. As hundreds of thousands of businesses are switching to the use of marketing, lead management and sales automation systems, the landing pages are getting integrated into the automation systems such as Leadpro 24|7.

Depending on the complexity and maturity levels of the business, one or more methods are employed to feed lead data into the lead management systems. The following methods are supported by LeadPro 24|7.

  • Hosted landing page: In this case the landing page is hosted on the LeadPro24|7 system and hence fully integrated.
  • Self hosted landing page: This is the most popular deployment followed by businesses, as this process full control to them.
    • The landing page can be completely developed by the customers and integrated with LeadPro 24|7 by using a HTTP posting or form submission method.
    • The landing page HTML code can be taken from the LeadPro 24|7 system and implemented on the customers’ websites. Necessary look and feel customization can be carried out by the user, without changing the underlying code.
    • Using SOAP based web services protocol (API) to integrate with the lead system. Medium / large organizations and advanced IT professionals prefer this route.
  • Hybrid Hosting page: In this method, the core lead capture form will be hosted in the LeadPro24|7 system and the lead capture form will be embedded in landing pages hosted by the customers’ web servers.

Whatever method is followed by the customers, the Leadpro 24|7 system need to be configured accordingly. Authentication credentials and meta data need to be passed on from the landing page. For example, if multiple landing pages / websites are used for lead generation, a “source” identification can be passed on to the system. This lead source needs to be defined in the system in advance.

For deploying a web services based API, the API credentials need to be established in the Leadpro24|7 system. For each lead type and lead source / provider, a separate credential may have to be created for safety and avoiding misuse.

LeadPro 24|7 lead capture forms support CAPTCHA security to avoid automatic / junk submissions by bots. CAPTCHA is security mechanism used to obtain quality lead information avoiding spam entries. Human readable images (made up of numbers and characters) will be displayed on the capture form and validated to check if the form data is entered by an human being.

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