Lead Assignment to Sales Agents and Phone Leads Call Tracking

by Paddu on July 24, 2012

Phone Leads constitute significant volume of leads for many businesses. Customers are comfortable picking up the phone and chatting with a friendly sales person before buying a product or service. Though the buying process begins with an Internet search in most cases, many prospects end up calling the potential vendor or service provider after doing sufficient research online.

LeadPro247 lead tracking and management helps to receive the phone calls from Live Phone Leads and route the calls to available sales representatives. Phone Leads call routing, assignment and tracking is useful for businesses to understand the lead sources and conversion rates.

Phones Leads Tracking feature can be used for your own websites, third party / affiliate sites and even online advertising such Google Adwords PPC campaigns.

How Does the Phone Leads Tracking work?

Designated phone numbers (local or toll free) will be provided to LeadPro lead tracking system users. Depending on your tracking requirements, you might get one or more numbers. Each phone number can be tied to one or more Lead Sources. These phone numbers can be included on the landing pages or advertisements based on your campaign plans.

When the prospect calls the number, the system automatically picks up the call and routes the call to a sales representative from a predefined queue depending on availability, time of day, etc.  A flexible queue with sales agents can be set up with different timings.

If sales representatives / agents are not available at any specific time, the caller will be guided to a common voice mail box.

As the call is forwarded to the agent, the system will automatically insert a lead record in the system. The lead will also be assigned to the respective agent. The conversation between the caller and the agent can also be recorded for quality control and review purposes.

The LeadPro24/7 system also provides comprehensive reporting on the calls (call tracking), conversation recordings, phone numbers and lead sources.

The leads can be further followed up with notes and other follow-up activities until disposition by the sales agent to whom the lead is assigned.

LeadPro24/7 lead management software uses the industry leading cloud based Twilio communication service for provisioning telephone numbers, routing the telephone calls, voice recording and tracking. This is completely invisible to the LeadPro users.

With this feature addition, LeadPro customers can now work with a single, integrated system for Lead Capture, Aggregation, Routing / Assignment, Call Tracking, Follow-up Tracking, Drip Email messaging, Online surveys and Lead management reporting.

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