Lead Buyer Locations View Using Google Map and Radial Distance Search Filter

by Paddu on September 7, 2012

LeadPro247 Lead Aggregation and Distribution System now provides an easy way to look at your lead buyers or client partners on a Google Map. In addition to the existing search filters, a Radial Distance based filter also can be used. For example, all lead buyers located within 50 miles from a specific zip code can be displayed on a Google Map. LeadPro system will also display the search results in a list form using ascending order of distance computed from the given zip code.

Lead clients buyers locations on Google Map

Google Map feature provides an easy representation of the lead buyer location to quickly identify lead buyers / distributors in a specific geographic area. If you are distributing leads based on a geography based filters (such as zip codes, counties, states, etc.), the radial distance based search and the Google Map  features would be very beneficial.

All LeadPro247 customers using the lead aggregation and distribution system edition can use these features and no additional setup or configuration is necessary.


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