Lead Retrieval Back Office System for Lead Buyers

by Paddu on May 8, 2010

Lead Capture, Distribution and Delivery Management version of LeadPro247 system includes a comprehensive Back Office System for lead buyers. The back office features can be used by the buyers to retrieve the leads bought by them, down load the leads into a spreadsheet, request credit for bad / invalid leads, view the status of their lead orders, and advanced sales lead tracking and management features.

The availability of back office system features varies based on the lead distribution system subscription plan selected and provided by the lead distributor to the clients buying leads. Extending the back office system to your customers help them looking for lead tracking and management software from third parties.

Back Office System Features

The following features are available in the lead management back office system:

  • Retrieving and Viewing the Leads received from the seller using the Manage leads module (All Levels)
  • Downloading the received leads (by order) to a spreadsheet (All Levels)
  • Viewing the Status of Lead Orders placed with the lead seller  (All Levels)
  • Requesting Credit for bad / invalid / duplicate leads (All Levels)
  • Viewing Credit Request Status (Pending / Approved / Declined) (All Levels)
  • Managing Leads by Sales Stage (Mid and Premium Levels only)
  • Lead Assignment to inside / field sales agents / reps (Mid and Premium Levels only)
  • Real time Lead Alerts to Sales personnel (Mid and Premium Levels only)
  • Tracking Lead Followup Activities (Mid and Premium Levels only)
  • Lead Analysis Reports – By Stage / Status (Mid and Premium Levels only)
  • Drip Emails to Leads / Prospects (Premium Level only)
  • Online Surveys (Premium Level only)

Back Office System Levels

The back office system is available in the following three subscription levels:

  • Basic Level (Basic Lead Retrieval system with online Credit Request feature support)
  • Mid Level (Lead Retrieval, Tracking  and Management system)
  • Premium Level (Lead Retrieval, Drip Emails, Lead Tracking and Followup, and Online Surveys)

By default, the system is available with the basic level (to an agreed number of active lead buyers) only. The Mid level and Premium level system features are available at additional cost on a per client / user / volume basis. Please contact the support team for custom configuration and pricing methods supported.

Generally, the Basic Level access is provided by all lead distribution customer at no cost to their lead buyers. Mid level and Premium level lead buyers can be charged based on the features / volume requirements.

If you are a lead generation and distribution customer using LeadPro, you should leverage the back office system features provided in the solution as a value added service to your clients.

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