Lead Verticals Managed in LeadPro 24|7 by Lead Generation Companies

by Paddu on April 29, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 provides support for any lead vertical and managing leads from all industry segments. Custom lead profiles can be defined and used by lead generation, distribution and management companies. The system includes custom lead profiles for verticals such as real estate, mortgage and insurance leads.

Leads in the following verticals are managed by LeadPro 24|7 customers and subscribers:

  • Financial Services leads
    • Mortgage
    • Debt Settlement / Consolidation
    • Loan Modification
    • Pay Day Loan
    • Insurance (Health/ Medical, Property, Vehicle / Auto, Annuities, Life, LTC, Commercial, etc.)
  • Real Estate leads
  • Law / Legal leads
  • Auto Warranty leads
  • Home Appliance Warranty leads
  • Dentistry Service leads
  • Auto Transport leads
  • Builder leads
  • Solar leads
  • Business Opportunity leads
  • Satellite TV leads
  • Accounting Service leads
  • Media Spa Services
  • Remodeling / Contractor leads
  • Plastic Surgery Services
  • Home Health Care leads
  • Higher Education leads
  • Home Health Equipment leads
  • Auto leads
  • Auto Loan leads
  • Apartment Locating leads
  • Dental / Medical Practice Equipment leads
  • Manufacturing Tools
  • Home Improvement Services (Basement Finishing, Siding, Windows, Pools, etc.)
  • Training Services

This list shows that LeadPro 24|7 software service can be configured and used for managing sales leads in all types of industries and verticals. Manufacturing industries and consumer goods distributors are also using LeadPro 24|7 to capture, track and manage leads.

Selling and Buying internet leads using the LeadPro 24|7 system improves the efficiency of seller / buyer businesses.

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