LeadPro247 Lead Distribution System Leverages Twilio For Reliable SMS Lead Delivery

by Paddu on September 13, 2010

LeadPro delivers Real Time Leads via TwilioLead Generation and Distribution companies, Media Agencies and Lead Sellers using LeadPro 24|7 system has more reasons to feel assured of Lead Delivery. LeadPro 24|7 now leverages Twilio Cloud Communications, a leading web service for building Voice and SMS applications, to deliver real time internet leads instantly to the lead buyers. The lead routing and distribution engine is tightly integrated with the Twilio text messaging service.

Why Deliver Leads via SMS Text Messaging

When leads are delivered via emails, especially public / free email services such as Hotmail, AOL, Gmail and YahooMail, there is no guaranty of email delivery; even if the email (with the lead information) is delivered, it may land in junk / bulk email boxes. In online lead generation and sales, every minute is critical. The lead buyers have to get the leads at the earliest possible, so that they can follow up with the prospect immediately.


Most of the small businessmen, professional service providers and sales agents are on the road during their work hours. Delivering a new online lead via a reliable SMS text messaging service such as Twilio helps them get the contact information and call them quickly. Prompt follow up with the prospect results in increased lead conversion rates.

Using Twilio helps LeadPro to deliver leads faster in a cost effective way. As every SMS lead delivery is charged (by LeadPro) based on a per transaction basis, every cent saved is a benefit to the end customer. LeadPro passes on the savings to the lead distributors by significantly reducing the per delivery transaction fee.

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