LeadPro 24|7 Professional Edition Supports Custom URLs in Survey Module

by Paddu on April 17, 2010

Web based surveys are used to collect feedback from customers, prospects or partners. As LeadPro 24|7 system includes a built-in survey software module, the lead management system can be used to send out survey invitations for the prospects and collect responses in order to understand their requirements / issues, engage them on an ongoing basis and serve them better. The responses can be tracked to the respective prospects and unified lead view can be obtained. The Lead View snapshot will display the survey invitations (via email campaign) and survey response activities.

LeadPro24|7 Professional Edition supports the usage of custom URLs in surveys. The custom URLs are user friendly and can be emailed easily and remembered by the customers. If you are combining off-line marketing methods such as print / TV advertising with online, inbound marketing, the custom URLs will be useful.

The custom URL will include a custom test string (instead of a series of letters or codes) as the survey identifier. For example, the following URL would be easy to understand:


Without a custom name, the survey URL will look something like:


Please note that the custom text string has to be unique and hence availability of a specific custom url cannot be guaranteed. It is used on a first cum first served basis.

Whether it is market research survey or a customer experience survey, using a custom URL will enhance the user experience.

The custom URL is specified in the Survey Data Collector definition area. Obviously, this is applicable for Web URL Data Collector types only.

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