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The preferred method for submitting support requests to LeadPro 24|7 team is through EMAIL.

Please send the request with details on the nature of issue / assistance required to Support @ LeadPro247.com and someone in the support desk will respond to you. If it is an urgent or critical issue, please feel free to call our support line and leave a message.

Please note that issues related to data migration, new implementations, data downloads or uploads will not be considered for critical support tickets. We have observed that over 95% is the data migration, upload or download issues are related to the ‘data’ and nothing to do with the system; hence take a re-look at the data, especially if you are handling Excel spreadsheets!

Depending on the severity of the problem reported, the response time might vary. While you may see responses within hours or even within minutes during the business hours, please expect up to 24 hours if the support queue is long.

If you are noticing any bugs / issues specific to a situation, try to take a screen shot of the error message, include it in a Word file and send it as an attachment to the support request email. Do not forget to include your account details. More specific information (such as lead journal id, lead id, campaign id, lead buyer id, etc.) would help us to debug the issue quickly and take necessary action.

Requests for additional features, enhancements and updates will not be considered as support requests. However, we encourage you to document and forward such requests so that we can consider including these in future releases depending on technical and commercial feasibility.

Also, when you want to make updates to existing configuration (not new features) parameters, please email us. Specifically, if you need updates to the Lead Journal Profile definition, let us know well in advance. Lead Journal definition serves as the foundation for the entire lead management process; so let us plan ahead and configure as necessary.

Since the LeadPro 24|7 is a comprehensive, integrated system, any change in configuration might affect other related modules. Our support team would be able to get it done quickly or guide you through the right process. This would help avoid unnecessary business process issues.

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