Multi Language Support in LeadPro 24|7 for Lead Data Collection, Storage and Retrieval

by Paddu on April 17, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 Lead Distribution, Tracking and Management solution currently does not have a user interface other than English. Though the system is designed to support other Roman character set based languages (such as Spanish, Portugese, and French), we have not implemented the user interfaces in these languages yet. However, LeadPro 24|7 users can use these languages for collection and storage of data and sending email messages / real time lead alerts.

LeadPro 24|7 is based on Unicode supported database and system architecture. Hence any language can be stored and retrieved in the database fields and email contents.

We have plans to work on the full-fledged user interfaces based on customer requirements and demand scenario. if you are interested in helping us implementing the user interface in your language of preference, please let us know. We can explore the possibility of utilizing your language skills.

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