Nurturing and Managing Trade Show Leads in LeadPro247 Lead Tracking and Management System

by Paddu on September 6, 2010

LeadPro Lead Management Software suite is generally used by organizations to capture leads from the lead generation landing pages and third party lead companies and then distribute, nurture, engage and track the prospects until conversion using automated processes. However the lead management system can be used equally beneficially for sales leads generated through offline lead sources such as trade shows, trade magazines and inbound call centers.

Offline Sales Leads

Nurturing Trade Show LeadsThough the offline advertising and lead generation budgets are declining fast, still a significant volume of leads are generated through traditional, offline channels by many businesses. The LeadPro 24|7 system can be leveraged to manage leads from such sources efficiently and cost effectively.

Lead Input

Trade show leads and other traditional channel prospects can be input to the lead tracking system via the Sales Leads module of the system. If the leads are few and continuously flow through the funnel, the same can be entered into the system manually.

If you have an in-house / inbound call center, the leads can be entered directly into the system when the calls are received by the sales agents. Leverage the multi-user, multi-role capabilities of the lead management system in such scenarios.

If the leads are received in an adhoc manner but in significant volumes / batches, then the leads can be imported into the system which will save a lot of time and efforts. Typically the leads will be received and accumulated in Microsoft Excel or CSV (comma separated value) files. The Import function of the sales lead management system can be used to upload the leads into the lead database.

Once the leads are input either manually or through import process, the rest of the automated processes such as lead assignment / distribution, lead alerts to sales team (based on triggers), drip emails to the prospects, etc. will kick in similar to the online lead process flow.

Also, the lead follow-up and tracking notes along with sales stage updates, if any, can be entered into the system in the usual process.

Nurturing Trade Show Leads

Make sure that the trade show and other traditional leads have been captured with permission to email them. If you do not have explicit permission to email them, then manually email / contact them and request permission to include them in your drip email streams.

These leads often needs longer sales cycle and hence proper nurturing and engagement is critical to  convert to sales. If you designate these leads separately with the correct source, the drip emails can be customized and sent to the specific prospects based on the lead source.

Lead Import Process

If you are receiving sales leads from magazines or other third parties in specific batches on a regular basis, you can leverage the Data Import Templates, assuming the data comes in the same format every time. This process helps to reduce the efforts in mapping the data columns in the data file and the application data fields every time.

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