Order Filters for Lead Distribution

by Paddu on April 5, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 supports a number of filters and order criteria for lead distribution and delivery by lead generation and distribution companies and online media agencies. The following is the summary of filters / rules / criteria used in lead order processing (for distributing leads captured via inbound marketing).

  • Lead Order Priority: A priority level from 1 to 10 can be assigned for each order; higher the number assigned, higher the priority for lead delivery
  • Exclusivity: Exclusive, Semi Exclusive and Non Exclusive modes can be set. In case of non-exclusive leads, a maximum number can be set. For example, if the the Max Number of Times Sold is defined as 4, a lead can be distributed to a maximum of four eligible lead buyers.
  • Lead Price: If the price is specified, the lead will be distributed to the client offering maximum price. If price is equal for all client orders, then the lead will be distributed to  one or more clients based on exclusivity rules. Over and beyond this, round robin rule will be employed.
  • Radial Distance: A lead can be distributed to the lead buyers in the vicinity based on radial distance. For example, a client may specify that he can service leads within 20 miles from his office.
  • Geography: Leads can be distributed based on geography filters such as State / Province,  County, Zip codes, and Partial zip codes. This is most commonly deployed in mortgage and insurance leads based on the agent’s licensing area.
  • Lead Profile properties: Any other lead property (such as lead stage, lead source, etc.) can be used as filters while distributing leads.
  • Maximum Leads per Day: For each lead order, a maximum number can be set for a day.
  • Maximum Leads per Month: For each lead order, a maximum lead count per month can be specified.
  • Days of the Week: Leads can be delivered on certain days of the week.
  • Time of Days: Lead can also be delivered based on certain time slot of a day. Each day can have a different slot.
  • Total Number of Leads per Order: An order quantity can be specified for each order. Orders can also be established without a finite quantity; these are known as standing orders.
  • Payment Rules: If lead payment is processed through the system, the payment related rules will be applied to the lead distribution process.

Please feel free to consult with a technical support team member and leverage the features available in the LeadPro 24|7  system in order to maximize the benefits.

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