Product Samples and Marketing Collateral Fulfillment Tracking

by Paddu on April 5, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 Lead Tracking and Management System users can now collect, track and manage the fulfillment of product samples and marketing collateral materials. If the leads captured by the inbound marketing system includes product sample requests, the same can be tracked along with the lead follow-up.

LeadPro 24|7 team also helps custom configuring the lead capture / landing pages on your / partners’ web sites when product samples requests are to be handled.

The system includes an optional, comprehensive module for sample fulfillment tracking. The features of the sample / marketing collateral tracking module include:

  • Sample data in Lead Capture
  • Pick List generation for internal / external fulfillment teams
  • Fulfillment update
  • Fulfillment Status report

For more detailed information and a custom quote for the configuration services, please contact the LeadPro 24|7 support services team.

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