Sales Lead Assignment to Inside Sales and Field Sales Teams

by Paddu on April 6, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 Sales Lead Tracking and Management System (for small / medium businesses) includes a comprehensive Automatic Sales Lead Assignment Process module. The lead assignment process is also known as lead routing and lead distribution. The lead assignment can include a number of rules and filters depending on the business processes followed by your organization.

In LeadPro 24|7 terminology, Lead Assignment always means assigning leads to the inside sales agents and field sales force of the organization. (On the other hand, lead distribution refers to selling or distributing leads to third parties or buyers.)

Sales leads captured by the lead tracking system can be assigned automatically to one or more of the following sales entities (or equivalents):

  • Regions (i.e. Regional Managers)
  • Sales Areas (i.e Sales Agents or Representatives)
  • Inside Sales Areas (i.e. Inside Sales Reps)

Notice that the leads are assigned by the system to the Sales Entities and not to the sales persons or managers. Whenever a sales person changes or leaves the organization, the leads need not be reassigned to the new sales person. The new employee (once added to the system) can simply be assigned to the existing sales entity.

Assignment Rules Definition

Before setting up the automatic lead assignment rules, all sales employees and their respective sales entities should have been defined on the LeadPro 24|7 system.

A separate set of lead assignment rules and filters can be defined for each Lead Journal using the Lead Setup menu option.

The following assignment rules / filters can be used:

  • Geography (Country, State / Province, County, Zip code)
  • Round Robin distribution rule
  • Lead Profile properties (such as Lead Source, Lead Campaign, etc.)

Once the assignment rules and filters are defined, one or more sales entities can be added to the rule set.

Whenever a new Sales Entity is added, it needs to be added to  the Lead Assignment Rules for assigning leads. Similarly, whenever a sales entity is not to be used, it can be deactivated from the lead assignment rule set.

If certain leads are not to be assigned by the system, the same can be specified by defining the pre-assignment filters. In other words, the lead system will filter the leads based on these pre-assignment filter criteria and skip those leads.

For details on sales territory management, please refer to Sales Organization Management section.

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