Setting Up Drip Emails for Lead Nurturing and Followup

by Paddu on May 9, 2010

Drip email is a great feature to supplement your Lead Followup efforts via telephone calls and personal emails. Drip email messages can be used to engage prospective customers and nurture the long terms prospects. This feature also can be used to send Online Survey Invitations to invite prospects to take a web based survey and provide their feedback.

However, drip email messages should thoughtfully planned and implemented. Overdoing drip emails will result in prospects unsubscribing from your communications. Also, drip email is not a replacement for personal followup calls and personalized email messages from the sales agent or inside sales representative. Another disadvantage is that there is no guarantee of delivery of drip email messages in the inquirers’ email boxes. Several ISPs and email service providers implement SPAM protection measures which might block the drip emails or deliver them to junk / bulk mail boxes. If the email addresses of the prospects are public emails (such as HotMail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) or provided by ISPs, then a significant percentage of emails will not be delivered to the inboxes.

LeadPro 24|7 provides a comprehensive drip email (also known as event triggered or sequential email) automation feature integrated with the sales lead capture, tracking and management system.

As mentioned above, the email messages and triggers (based on which the emails are to be triggered) are to be planned carefully. The lead management system includes a complex set of trigger mechanism in order to meet all customers’ requirements. The drip email setup process in carried in two steps.

Drip Email Setup Process

In the first step, the email message has to be defined and setup as a Drip Email Campaign. This is done through the Email Campaign Management module of the system. The following needs to be taken care of in this step:

  • In the new email campaign definition screen, the specific campaign should be marked as Drip Email Message or Campaign.
  • The Lead Journal (i.e. Lead Profile) for which the emails are targeted should be selected.
  • If this email message is a Survey Invitation, then the respective Survey needs to be specified by selecting the same from the drop down.
  • Then the email message content can be created along with other email campaign parameters.
  • Once the email campaign is designated as a Drip Campaign, the system will not prompt for selecting list / email addresses. Finalize and save the campaign.

In the second step, after finalizing and saving the drip campaign message, the drip triggers have to be defined. Drip Email Triggers are defined in the Email List Management module of the system. Note that each lead journal is tied to an email list and the prospects email addresses are stored in the respective list.

Using the Drip Email icon displayed against the list name, the triggers can be created or updated. Again, the system provides a complex set of filters / triggers, so make sure that the triggers are setup correctly. The support team will configure the drip triggers for you.

The drip triggers could be based on the following:

  • Lead Profile properties (geography, lead sales stage, lead date, lead source, etc.)
  • Email Campaign Activities (email campaigns sent, email opened, clicked, etc.)
  • Lead Followup Activity parameters (Followup activity / task performed)

Once setup, the triggers can be altered or updated any time. However, you should know what you are doing as the wrong setup could lead to disastrous consequences sometimes. For example, if there are thousand of leads in a lead journal, and a drip trigger is wrongly configured, the emails could be fired to every prospect which may not be the action you intended.

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