Using LeadPro Surveys on Facebook

by Paddu on September 15, 2010

Online Surveys designed and created with Leadpro 24|7 Survey Builder can be linked on your Facebook wall, links or any other pages. Whether you are using a standalone Free, Pro or Enterprise version of Online Surveys Builder or the integrated edition, it is the same process.

Facebook Surveys

We suggest that you create a separate data collector (example: Facebook Survey Data Collector) in the deployment process using “Website URL Link” collector type. This helps to track the survey responses collected via Facebook users, if the survey is also deployed via other collectors. Use the Web URL link provided by the online surveys system in the links on your Facebook pages. Make sure that you are using target=”_blank” option in the anchor properties, so that the survey questionnaire will open in a new browser tab / window.

Note that we do not provide any specific Facebook App for this purpose at this point in time. You need to use the standard functionality available on the web based Survey Builder application to create the survey deployment link and embed the same in the links on the Facebook.

Survey Best Practices

Also note that the survey system does not capture the Facebook user or profile information. The surveys will be treated as anonymous by the system. If you need to collect such personally identifiable or private information, you may include questions to capture the same in the survey questionnaire.

Keep in mind that the questionnaire length is a critical factor in determining the survey response rates. Shorter the survey, better the response rate will be. Short surveys with clear / concise questions will yield the best results, especially on social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

You may include a description providing the information such as the objective of the survey, how the responses will be used and how the individual / summary results will be shared on the Facebook pages. If the survey respondents (i.e. Facebook users) are comfortable with the disclosure, better survey completion rates can be achieved.

Update 09/29/2010

Please take a look at the Adding-static-fbml-tab-on-facebook-page-for-survey-link post for information on setting up a Static FBML tab for linking surveys on your Facebook page.

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