Using Multi Page Lead Capture Forms to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

by Paddu on April 14, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 lead capture and management software supports usage of multi-page lead capture forms on your lead generation web pages. Splitting a large lead capture form into multiple page form increases the conversion rates significantly. Note that the phrases lead capture forms, sign-up forms, registration forms and squeeze pages are used to refer to the pages used to capture the prospect and product / service information on the web pages.

By default, all lead capture systems including LeadPro 24|7 generates HTML lead capture code with a single web form. This code can then be embedded with or without changes into the landing pages used for lead generation.

The LeadPro 24|7 system can be configured to accept the lead information in multiple forms / pages. Obviously, the person designing the landing / lead capture pages should be technically savvy to understand the intricacies involved.

Implementing Multi-page Lead Capture Forms

The lead capture forms are split into two or more pages in order to reduce the friction on the part of the website visitor when the form contains several data elements and is long. For example, basic / required information such as Name and Email could be obtained on the first page. In the second page, contact information could be obtained. As a general rule, if less than 10 data elements are input by the visitor, it is not necessary to split the form. However, the decision is to be made based on the business scenario. The benefits and disadvantages have to be weighed in.

The multi-page lead capture forms can be implemented in two ways:

In the first method, the lead capture form will be split into two pages, but the data submission to the lead system is carried out at the end of the second form. If the subscriber decides not to submit the second page, then you may lose the entire data in this scenario.

In the second method, data captured in each page is submitted at the end of the respective page when Submit / Continue / Next button is pressed by the visitor. This process insures that the data entered on the previous pages are not lost, even if the visitor does not submit the last page.

LeadPro 24|7 system treats the first page submission as a New Lead and the subsequent submissions as Updates to the existing lead. Also, the Lead Id generated by the system during the first form submission will be passed on to the subsequent pages, so that the lead can be identified as an existing one and updated appropriately.

Note that the required data fields can be defined only in the first page submission, as the web visitor may not submit further pages.

If you are interested in using the split forms in your lead capture / web registration process, please contact the technical support team for specifications and assistance. If the process takes significant customization, customization fees may be charged.

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