Using Pre-filled Web Forms To Update Missing Lead Profile Information

by Paddu on June 6, 2010

LeadPro 24|7 Lead Capture, Distribution and Management system now includes a feature to get the missing lead profile information from the prospect using a pre-filled form on the website. If you are managing B2B leads using the LeadPro 24|7 service, this feature can be leveraged to collect additional profile information not obtained during the registration / subscription process. The lead capture form on the landing page can be kept simple in order to increase the subscription rate.

Implementation Requirements

First, the required web form needs to be prepared and hosted on your website. The web form will be similar to that of a full fledged lead capture form with all required data elements. In addition to this, the existing lead profile data passed via the query string has to be captured (using simple Javascript) and pre-filled in the individual form fields, so that the visitor need not reenter all the information.

The prospect will be sent an email (using the inbuilt email campaign function) through the system with a link to the web form used for the update along with instructions.

When the prospect views the forms, enters the missing information, updates the existing data and hits submit button, the data will be updated in the lead database.


By leveraging the Profile Update feature, the initial landing page can be kept simple by including minimal number of fields such as name and email address. This will help increase the initial conversion on the landing pages.

Also, by pre-filling the update form, the re-entry requirement is avoided.

The prospect can also update existing information such as phone number, products interested, etc.

If you are interested in implementing this feature in your lead engagement / nurturing process, please contact the technical support team. While you can easily create the web form required, we can help you create / program the update the same at additional cost, if required.

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